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Welcome to Holistic Approach 4 Life!

My name is Kelly Haywiser. I'm a Pennsylvania Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Fertility Massage Specialist and Certified Wellness Inventory Coach. I have over 20 years of experience in the holistic healing field with training in many areas of integrative health.

My programs are for Women interested in experiencing stress reduction, pain relief and methods for living a holistic lifestyle through informational workshops, dedicated One-on-one coaching sessions and/or a compassionate, personalized Healing Session.
Package Plans are available.

Here are the areas that I dedicate myself to:

1) Holistic Lifestyle Coaching using the Wellness Inventory System. Our sessions are designed around your specific needs. Whether you are looking at Weight Loss/Eating Healthy, Reducing Stress, Balancing Life, Reducing Pain or just living a holistic, healthy lifestyle. You will receive gentle guidance, informational handouts, exercises, recipes, homework and a supportive, accountable coach through my training. I will be able to meet with you at Holistic Approach 4 Life (850 Boyce Road, Suite 10, Bridgeville) or at a coffee shop for One-on-One sessions or work through email and phone conferences. 
6 month Package plans are available


Click on the "Holistic Well-Being" Tab to the Left for more details.

2) I manage the "Holistic Women's Group of Pittsburgh" meetup site and activities. This site is on www.meetup.com and women interested in living a holistic lifestyle are welcomed to join for FREE. This is a group of women who wish to learn, inspire, teach and network with other women living or wishing to live a holistic lifestyle. We offer classes, workshops and network events on Reiki, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Wellness Coaching, Eating Healthy, Yoga/Qigong, Meditation, Detoxification/Cleansing and much more. Some classes will be noted on the "Workshops/Classes/Events" Tab.

Note: On a monthly basis a "Kick Start Your Journey" 3-hour workshop including the 1-year lease of the Wellness Inventory system $45; will be presented. Space is limited and prepayment/preregistration is required. You need only attend one workshop to get lots of information about balancing your life and starting your journey.
Check out the schedule on www. meetup.com and find "Holistic Women's Wellness of Pittsburgh" to join or call me for dates/times.

3) Experience the use of Youngliving Pure Therapeutic grade Essentail oils in your personal lives and/or include them in a Reiki or Massage session. I will be offering classes, webinars and the opportunity to use and sell the oils for stress management, pain relief and overall health and wellness.

4) I provide FOR WOMEN ONLY - Relaxation Massages, Aromatherapy Massages, Customized Detox/Weight Management Aromatherapy Bodywraps with Chinese Cupping, Reiki / Quantum Touch Session, Reflexology Treatments, Raindrop Therapy, Ear-Candling, and Oil-Annointing Healing Techniques sessions.  Sessions can be combined with a coaching session, guided imagery or other types of modalities.

Sorry I'm no longer providing Deep Tissue or sessions for men - But I can refer you to someone who does.

5) For those women dealing with Fertility concerns or Cancer/Mastectomy Concerns - I'm trained in providing specific help in these areas for your needs. Your greatest care is taken into consideration and all sessions are designed for you. Find care, compassion and hope through my passionate intentional touch. Please check out by clicking on the tab to the left.
Appointments are required.
Please be patient as I will be updating the rest of the website to provide more information in the areas that I will be focusing on.

Have a wonderful day, Kelly

Holistic Approach 4 Life
An Integrative Health & Wellness Center
Phone # 412-221-0700

      850 Boyce Road, Village Green-Suite 10, (Professional Bldg Behind the 7/11)
      South Fayette, Bridgeville, PA 15017
Go to  the "Contact Us" page or Email us at:
holisticapproach4life@gmail.com to be added to the event reminder list.  



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