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Experience a Holistic (Mind/Body/Spiritual) Transformation in your life through the workshops, programs and/or One-On-One time.  Consider Holistic Lifestyle practices for fulfillment and wellness!

... join me on a holistic journey to align your daily intentions and activities with your personal, spiritual life goals.

"Through our work YOU will use the tools to create more meaning, fulfillment, joy, happiness and the health and wellness you have always wanted. Imagine starting each and every day with more love, gratitude and appreciation for your life experiences, your current situations and your newly, created holistic destination. As we work together, we will look at how all parts of your life affect your health and spirit as a WHOLE."

Kelly Haywiser, Women's Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Intuitive Healing Practitioner

Kelly has authored a "Must-Have" guide for women to find peace, passion and purpose in their lives. 

"Kelly is one of the few that doesn't just talk the talk, but walks the walk.  She comes straight from the heart and is a true living example of all she teaches.  I have spent nearly 10 years helping women with recovery, trauma, and mental health. In all that time, I have never seen a more comprehensive book for the healing journey, than what Kelly has authored.  You Are So Much More is a necessary guidebook that will serve as a trusted companion to empowering women to living, being, and fully loving themselves."
T. Menditto - ADHD Master Coach
Founding member of University of Pittsburgh's Center for Mindfulness and Consciousness Studies(CMCS)


Learn how to incorporate holistic lifestyle practices to reduce stress, focus on health & wellness and find your life purpose through inspiring workshops and classes. PLUS Women's Retreats!!!

Enjoy customized therapies to Reduce Stress, as well as experience spiritual connections through gentle, aromatherapy massages, Reiki Energy Healing and Reflexology. Customized Fertility, Cancer and Lymphatic Detox Massages available.

Whole Body - Whole Mind - Whole Spirit

Are you looking to take control of YOUR Life? Need mentoring on methods to eat healthy, reduce stress, manage relationships, set accountable goals or finding more meaning in your life? Try Holistic Lifestyle Coaching!



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