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Kelly Haywiser founded the Holistic Women's Wellness in Pittsburgh meetup group where like-minded women can find peace, harmony, self-awareness, fellowship, and healing with other women.

The group offer workshops, events, classes, and meetups to learn, teach and inspire others to live a holistic (mind/body/spiritual) lifestyle. Learn about: Life Purpose Practices, Reiki, Reflexology, Massage, EFT, Nutrition, Eating Healthy, Yoga, Meditation, Qigong, Essential Oils, and so many other modalities of complementary and integrative health and wellness practices. Some events are free and some have a cost associated to them to cover room fees, materials and help with maintaining the site. All are welcome to sponsor events, note their practices on the pages (page), provide discounts to members from sponsors and just find contentment in knowing we are holistic women looking out for each other's best interest.