Women's Wellness

Kelly has been writing articles for wellness magazines and local publications to inspire others to live a holistic healthy lifestyle. She has found that through writing she can help educate women and men about the use of holistic lifestyle practices when dealing with pain, fertility, cancer and stressful lifestyle situations.

Find her articles in Pittsburgh's Guide to Good Health and Upper St. Clair Today. She has also been mentioned in Pittsburgh Parent magazine.

  • A Holistic Approach to Cancer (Upper St. Clair Today - Winter 2011)
  • Holistic Women, Healthy Fertility (Guide to Good Health - Summer 2012)
  • Living in Abundance Brings Contentment (Guide to Good Health - Summer 2015)
  • Pregnant? Try a prenatal massage by Ann Howley (Pittsburgh Parent -  July 2015)
  • Reduce the Symptoms of Chronic Inflammation through Holistic Lifestyle Choices (Guide to Good Health - Fall 2015)

Kelly's Published Articles