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Kelly uses the holistic approach to dealing with pain. Your discussions will be about:

- What foods are causing your inflammatory condition and pain symptoms

- What dietary changes you may need to consider

- What activities you may need to consider, such as Qi Gong, Walking, Swimming, Yoga...

- Your lifestyle practices and possible adjustments

- Use of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to reduce inflammation and pain.

- Use of Castor Oil Packs

- Supplements to consider for optimum results

- Various Massage and Bodywork methods to fit your needs

Therapeutic Aromatherapy Raindrop Back Therapy

Inflammation is our body’s normal and healthy response to injury or attack on the immune system. Inflammation on the surface of the body is commonly described as heat, redness, swelling, and pain. Chronic, low-level inflammation at the cellular level – known as the “silent killer” – develops without pain and can lead to obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. – “Andrew Weil’s Reducing Whole Body Inflammation” Kelly is prepared to work with your health and wellness goals to reduce the effects of chronic inflammation and she is prepared to work with clients who are experiencing pain from an inflammatory condition.

Are you dealing with inflammatory pain in the back due to a curvature? Kelly provides the Raindrop Back Therapy, an application developed by D.Gary Young. This technique is based on the premise to help reduce spinal inflammation and to kill viruses that hibernate along the spinal column to help straighten any spinal curvatures. The oils used will last up to 1 week after application. This technique involves dropping the 11 different therapeutic grade Young Living oils along the spine. Oils are then worked individually along spine and on the back with light finger and hand massage techniques, which stimulates energy impulses and disperse the oils along the nervous system. Kelly also incorporates trigger point massage, cranial sacral moves, reflexology points for balance and spinal health as well as hot towels on the back. This session 60 minutes.

We will design the Holistic Therapies that fit your needs. These may include: Infrared Sauna Blanket, Massage Therapy with Trigger Point, Medical Massage Techniques, Reiki, Reflexology, Hot Stones, Hot Towels, and custom blended Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential oils. Consider trying the Therapeutic Aromatherapy Raindrop Back Therapy.