Women's Wellness

Stress is a big factor in our daily lives. Whether we have stress at work, in relationships, at home or on the highway; we all handle stress different. Many people eat more whne they feel stress; the stuffed feeling makes you feel comfortable and helps you to relax. But this also adds extra weight and can cause health and wellness concerns. Stress is the cause of sleep issues, headaches, muscles pain and emotional concerns. Do you feel anxiety, anxiousness and other emotions that stop you from moving forward in your lives from reaching your true happiness. Most women do. 

Consider living a holistic, happy lifestyle that focuses on balance, simplicity and living in the present moment. Kelly can help with many techniques and healing therapies to reduce the symptoms of stress; but also help you to create that lifestyle that helps you to manage your stress.

Here are some concepts Kelly will discuss with you to help you manage stress:


- Holistic Lifestyle Coaching with tools, tips and techniques

- Life Coaching to discuss your current life situations and identify a plan of action to meet your life purpose goals.

- Eating Healthy to fit your lifestyle and meet you health and wellness goals

- Provide you with practice ideas for managing stress

- Use of Young Living Essential oils for stress like Lavender, Bergamot, Joy Blend and Happiness Blend.

- Demonstrate meditation, affirmation, journaling and Qi Gong moves to reduce stress.

- Offer stress reduction healing therapies like; Reiki, Reflexology, Swedish Massage and Infrared Sauna.

Kelly offers a Whole Body - Whole Mind - Whole Spirit approach to help you.