Women's Wellness


No matter what type of concern you are dealing with and the type of in-session therapy / coaching session we agree upon; pricing is based on the time spent. Your sessions will be customized to your needs. 

30 minutes - $40.00

60 minutes - $75.00

90 minutes - $115.00

2 hours -       $150.00

Plan and Programs are available at a discounted rate and allow for dedication, commitment and accountability to meet your health and wellness goals through a holistic approach. Ask Kelly about setting up a plan, TODAY!

Payment accepted in Cash, Check or Visa/Mastercard

NOTE: In scheduling your appointment, please take into consideration time for nutritional consultations, holistic practice Q&A time and any pre/post session findings. These are truly optional and individualized. 

For example, some of my clients prefer to discuss nutritional and holistic practices before or after a massage. They also find it very helpful to hear about the intuitive findings from a Reflexology session or a Reiki session. These can take up about 30 minutes of time and need to be included in the price and scheduling. 

      Thank you,