TESTIMONIAL: "Thanks for all the positive healing you do! We need more people like you!" - Jessica

TESTIMONIAL: "Kelly's warm and supportive nature. She is completely client-centered and focused on making sure I was comfortable and enjoying my experience. She has the hands of an angel!"

TESTIMONIAL: "Kind, genuine and professional. I felt very cared for while in her presence. She made me feel accepted without any judgment. Kelly is a lightworker and I'm so grateful to have experienced her divine healing powers."

TESTIMONIAL: "Kelly is so much more than a masseuse. Through our sessions, she has also served as a life coach, therapist, nutritionist, and most importantly, friend. All her sessions are customized and focused on healing particular issues versus delivering cookie-cutter types of services. Kelly has helped me work through body changes, life events and fertility issues. She even recognized an alignment problem with one of my neck vertebrae that a chiropractor confirmed and fixed, eliminating back pain that had been plaguing me for years. Overall, she's helped me become more aware of, and in tune with, my body to better manage my health." - Kathryn L.

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TESTIMONIAL: "Kelly is very knowledgeable in the holistic field and very complete in her answers to questions. She teaches from practice and also from experiences from her practice."

TESTIMONIAL: "Great Teacher! Very warm, kind. Kelly explains things very well, gives examples and then hands on opportunity for practice."

Women's Wellness

TESTIMONIAL: "The Reiki/Chakra workshop series with Kelly has been life changing for me! These workshops helped me to begin a new life chapter and start my healing process. I was experiencing immense personal loss and grief. Instead of feeling lost, I now feel like I have found who I was always created to be. I've made new goals, have daily spiritual practices and focus on the positive aspects of my life. I am grateful for all of these new opportunities." "I have also met many wonderful new friends, who are on their own similiar spiritual journey." "Thank you Kelly for introducing me to Reiki, Chakra Balancing and to life full of light and love." - Beth

TESTIMONIAL: "I am testifying to the effectiveness of Reiki on animals. My large tom cat was limping so badly he could barely walk. Since, Kelly performed Reiki on him, he is a normal frisky happy cat. No limp." - Joan

TESTIMONIAL: "She (Kelly) is a great therapist. I would trust her & have trusted her in anything she does. She has helped me in many ways."

TESTIMONIAL: "Forget about the non-sense - she gets down to the heart of the matter and opens up your thinking and mind so you can better learn the issues of your heart and soul. She listens to your issues, is kind and incorporates that into your healing." - Amy R.

TESTIMONIAL: "I have dieted successfully for years by simply changing my diet, modifying my calorie intake and exercising, but when I hit 50, that didn't do the trick anymore. I struggled for months to lose and keep off five pounds, with little success. The detox cleanse and nutrition plan Kelly helped me with allowed me to cleanse my system and boost my metabolism and I successfully shed 15 pounds in 3 months and have been able to not only maintain my weight, but continue to lose several pounds a month. I have more energy and stamina and never really felt starved." – Jane